Peanut Butter Hummus

This recipe combines two of my all time favourite things – peanut butter and hummus. Whilst my classic creamy hummus recipe uses tahini, I’ve switched it up in this variation and swapped it for mani life deep roast peanut butter, so there’s no longer a toss up between hummus or pb on your rice cakes. … More Peanut Butter Hummus

Snickers Granola

Trust me when I say that this is my best granola recipe yet; inspired by the classic snickers chocolate bar (a personal favourite), this granola combines rolled oats with peanuts and mixed seeds which are all drenched in a rich chocolate peanut butter sauce and baked until crunchy, before stirring through gooey sweet dates for … More Snickers Granola

Chocolate Protein Zoats with Tropical Berry Compote

Is there anything better than chocolate for breakfast? There’s rarely a morning that goes by when I managed to tear myself away from the bag of cacao powder but with it’s mood enhancing and fatigue fighting properties, I just can’t say no. And there’s no better way to enjoy it than in a warming bowl of … More Chocolate Protein Zoats with Tropical Berry Compote

Coconut Mocha Granola

I love experimenting with new granola combinations – as soon as one batch is finished, I’m baking another and this latest variation is my new favourite. I’ve put a twist on the classic chocolate and coconut combination, by adding a subtle coffee flavour which is sure to make your breakfast that little bit more indulgent. … More Coconut Mocha Granola