About Me

In March 2016, I began my journey to recover from Anorexia. I knew that if I was going to make this work then I needed to commit myself to a healthy lifestyle also. I knew little about veganism and was of the typical opinion that the food would be boring or bland (boy was I wrong!) So I started to research further and it’s then that I fell in love with plantbased cooking and my excitement towards food was reignited. Now, I love nothing more than entering the kitchen armed with my favourite cookbooks and even creating my own plantbased recipes. And I’m so proud to say that I actually love to eat them! I don’t eat this way to diet or deprive myself but because it truly makes me feel amazing. I now don’t eat gluten, wheat, dairy or refined sugars and am completely vegan – a sentence that I never thought I’d say. The physical implications of my eating disorder have caused a lot of damage to my body so for me nothing beats knowing that with every mouthful I take, I’m fuelling my body with the most nourishing foods.

Along the way, I have also sparked a huge interest in yoga. I now practice several times daily, with anything from a classic vinyasa flow to yoga for digestion! The positive impact that it’s had on both my body and mind truly astounds me. Not only have I become stronger physically but mentally also. It’s helped to alleviate almost all anxiety and stress in my life. I’m now more determined to fight for my life back than ever before and I hope that along the way, I can inspire others to be the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves too.

My story isn’t over yet, in fact it’s just beginning.

Introducing Yas: The Story So Far

Anorexia Recovery: One Year 

The Next Chapter